Core Work

Growing Community Philanthropy

We believe in changing the philanthropic script and narrative – Broaden the definition of philanthropy to be more inclusive of the traditions of giving among people of color through:

  • Promote collective philanthropy (Giving Circles)
  • Facilitate presentations on demystify philanthropy
  • Facilitate sessions on moving from engaging in toxic charity to strategic and social change giving
  • Facilitate sessions on self-help, mutual aide, giving back, and giving Black

Promoting Civic and Community Engagement

We believe in the power, potential, and responsibility of people to come together to discuss, address and solve the problems they see around them through:

  • Conduct research and mapping
  • Promote tools that identify and highlight community assets and not just gaps and deficits
  • Provide training on tools that promote civic and community engagement

Developing Leaders that are purposeful, grounded, and culturally competent Leadership

We believe in these times we need leaders who understand their “what” and “why” grounded in an understanding of history coupled with the courage to lead upstream as well as downstream.

  • Facilitate conversations on internalized oppression
  • Facilitate conversations on functional and dysfunctional coping strategies within diverse and inclusive environments
  • Presentations on “Who am I?: The Outcomes of Self-knowledge (self-acceptance, self-preservation, self-help, and self-discovery)

creating recreational opportunities for young people with physical and mental challenges

We believe young people regardless of the severity of their mental and physical challenges desire to be included in recreational activities:

  • Connect young people with mental and physical challenges to recreational opportunities (i.e. Miracle League, Victory Junction, and Bridge II Sports, etc…)
  • Organize events to raise awareness and resources for recreational places for children with mental and physical challenges.